# Ireland (and Iceland)

“Tobacco advertising on radio, television and billboards is illegal. From 1 July 2009, in-store tobacco advertising and displays of tobacco were made illegal – Ireland being the first country in the EU (and third in the world, after Canada and Iceland) to do so.[28]


I remember being in Ireland for a conference a few years ago and finding that they had banned smokers from their pubs. This was well before England and the rest of the UK did this.

In the middle of winter us smokers kept going outside to have a fag in the snow and then come back into the very warm pub for a beer.

I was amazed at the legislation because I thought I could understand that the ban was for the health of the smokers, but to send us in an out of the heated pub was sure to cause some health problems. Sure as heck, I ended with pneumonia.

At that stage I had not jet formed the insight that it is all a scam involving loans from the IMF.

It is an amazing coincidence that soon after Ireland took the lead in the EU with their anti-tobacco stance they had to borrow heavily from the IMF due to the country not being able to service its debt.

It is also an amazing coincidence that in the quote above from Wikipedia the other country that took the lead in the EU in their stance against tobacco also had dire economic problems.

Do you really believe in such coincidences?


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