# Planned Scam?

My thesis – in broad terms is:

  1. Some people (about 1 in 3)  has a biological need for smoking. They use nicotine to self-medicate their moods.
  2. Therefor about 1 in 3 people will be smokers. Some might find other forms of self-medication, some might quit, but the number seems to be about 1 in 3.
  3. Advertising and promotions does not have any influence on this. Whether there is more or less advertising for cigarette brands there will be about 1 in 3 people smoking.
  4. Banning advertising does nearly double the profits of a cigarette company.
  5. Because advertising does shift market share between brands the only way to double profits is if every company stops advertising. The best way to achieve this is to legally ban advertising.
  6. The incidence of smoking has decreased in the last decades – but not due to advertising bans – among the wealthy and better educated. This happened due to lifestyle changes in this group (exercise, diets, etc.)
  7. To compensate the tobacco farmers and cigarette companies (being US and UK-based) the IMF and WHO is benefiting these companies by their activities in other countries.


They might have, but I doubt that they did.

If one looks at their behaviour prior to the Masters Settlement Agreement (chapter to be written) then they certainly appear to have been afraid of what might come from the lawsuits etc.

However, after the agreement they would have seen that the lack of advertising does not really decrease the total market, and since competition has been removed they would have seen the big effect on their bottom line.

At this stage they would have seen the benefits of anti-cigarette legislation and decided to do nothing.

Fortunately for the ZEALOTS (chapter to be written) has not seen how they benefit the cigarette companies and the zealots increased their zealotting over time. All the cigarette companies have to do is nothing.

At this stage it is worthwhile for the readers to listen to the Christopher Snowdon interview with David Goerlitz – the Winston Man.

Has the WHO (World Health Organisation) colluded with the cigarette companies to get anti-cigarette advertising legalised in all countries? Very unlikely, they are probably just zealots zealotting.

Has the IMF colluded with the tobacco industry to open borders in other countries for US cigarettes to be exported there and for US tobacco companies to buy up the cigarette companies in those countries (like Turkey and South Africa)? Probably not directly with the cigarette companies, but they would have done this for the benefit of all industries and cigarette companies are part of these industries.

Whilst there is MONEY and POLITICIANS involved there will be funny business. When zealots argue the case anything can happen



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